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I can’t remember when it actually started, but the coffee culture has been a part of our family for…well…a long time. Good coffee is a standard in our house. Then, like with so many other things, COVID took things to a different level. We were locked down in an all but empty holiday estate on an estuary and private beach (yes it was horrible!). But worse than that was that all my coffee making equipment was in storage, and I could not get hold of good artisan roasted beans … but … I did find a source of green, unroasted coffee beans. And so the roasting journey began.

Using a pot on the stove top I roasted the beans and ground them with a really old electric blade grinder I found in the back of the holiday house cupboard. Along with a good old moka pot I was able to make surprisingly good coffee! In fact it was better than good. When the grinder broke from excessive use I found a ten pound hammer to “grind” the beans – #desperatetimes – until I was given a hand operated burr grinder. And for the remainder of lockdown the family had to take turns in the “daily grind” – that good old hand operated grinder and moka pot did the trick and got us through those lockdown early morning sunrise estuary walks with hot coffee in hand.

When COVID was no longer enough to keep us in, the roasting journey continued. Roasting on the stove turned into roasting in a poitjie pot which led to the development of my favourite blends. Skipping forward … the Aroma Bean line of artisan roasted beans are now available for you to enjoy.


Coffee blending is a science and a artform. Artisan roasters will spend months developing a specific taste – blending beans from different regions, different elevations, soils, processing methods, roasting times…finding the perfect mix of base, mid and high notes (or flavours). Neil – the owner and founder of Aroma Bean – spent time in his own kitchen roasting beans on the stove top – trying various beans, roasting times, and combinations of beans. After trialing countless options he kept coming back to the simple blends that pleased his palate. These are the blends that have ended up with the Aroma Bean logo attached. By brewing an Aroma Bean blend you will be tasting the same smoothness and flavour notes that you would enjoy if you were a guest in Neil’s home!

single origin

There is something special about single origin coffees. Each single origin coffee will have specific, unique body, acidity, flavour and aroma that make up their specific profile. There are a miriad of adjectives used to describe these aspects of coffee…Brazilian coffee is low in acidity, smooth bodied, and sweet. For those with a sensitive palate, El Salvador coffees are said to be fragrant and seductive. The bright flavours with clean, crisp finish of the South American coffees are contrasted by the African coffees which have vivid floral, fruity, and berry tasting notes…then how about Indonesia. Ultimatley, find a single origin coffee that pleases your palate for the space you are in at a particular moment – then sit back and enjoy. Aroma Bean offers the highest quality single origin coffees available – why not try each one?


Aroma Bean not only offers awesome tasting coffee – including decaf – but also cares about how it is made. The dangers behind the process of taking the caffeine out of coffee is often not known. It involves leaching it out using solvents! Solvents are certainly not healthy for anyone. There is, however, a newer technique that uses carbon dioxide, which when super cooled acts exactly like a solvent. And after the process is complete, the carbon dioxide warms up and dissipates into the air! Aroma Bean decaf is made in this way. Great tasting, healthy and guess what…you can drink it just before you go to bed and still get a great nights sleep!


Fish and chips, strawberries and cream , muesli and yogurt …. and ….  coffee and chocolate. Some things are just better together. These award winning chocolates will enhance an already awesome taste experience when enjoyed with an Aroma Bean coffee. And what we like about them, is that the guys that make them take them from bean to bar, and in the process look after and respect everyone, from the farmer all along the processing line. And that shows in the taste profiles of these incredible chocolates. Don’t take my word for it…you know what to do…